An ode to Andie Anderson

My blog is inspired out of one of my favorite movies, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. In the movie, Andie Anderson plays a journalist that works as a quirky How to columnist for mainstream Composure magazine until she’s given the biggest challenge on the job that changes her life forever. Who doesn’t love reading How to columns and spreads in magazines? I know I do. They are short, illustrative and sweet and can learn little bit about myself and I’ve always love reading insightful things like that in magazines….

Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of solid How To columns out there (and certainly not as popular as Andie’s probably was!) and I don’t have a journalism background but I do love to write outside of my trade profession so I took that fact into my own hand and created my own continuation of Andie’s How to blog as an ode to Andie and fans to the movie. I don’t want most of the entries to just be totally quirky and feminine but actually helpful resources for life. I hope you find this blog a wonderful, regular read to bookmark or come back to.

Until then,

The (other) How to Girl


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