It started feeling like October….

Damp, chilly days and nights forecasted over an artist palette of fall foliage are a surefire sign that Autumn is in it’s prime. Scarves and boots, check. Warm apple cider with toast smeared with pumpkin butter, check. Take in the scenary? Check.

Workout log from 10/1-10/7

Tuesday, 2 miles.  Avg Pace: 10:56

This was done on the treadmill or the old ‘mill as I like to call it. This is where I do a lot of my running in the cooler months…and now as the damp, chilly days/nights of October become more frequent…. yeeeeeah.

Thursday, Zumba and 90 minutes of hatha yoga.

I was going to run today but Thursday’s workout schedule usually tires me out.

I also love 90 minute yoga! I find it takes time for the instructor to guide us through the poses as much as it takes time for me to unwind and learn to move with concentration and grace before… we exhale out and onto the next pose. Ah, man!

Saturday, 2.75 mile run with core work. Average Pace: 10:55

Beautiful Autumn run through the leaves on my home course. I miss morning runs. I also noticed every terrain run compared to every treadmill run is completed about one or a few minutes faster.  I don’t know how often I am going to keep up running outside during the cooler months when I much prefer running inside.

Next goal: Get down to 9min miles.

What are your favorite charms about Autumn? Do you have a favorite sport to watch/play? Please share!


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