Beauty Beat

Beauty Beat: Should you leave conditioner in your hair?

Yes, it’s better to use a leave in conditioner or a conditioner that doesn’t contain silicone.  Heavy conditioners or just “any old conditioner”, can contribute to build-up especially if contains silicone which will make it easier for your old shampoo residue to bind to your conditioner.

A few more tips

  • Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp or two inches next to your scalp. Just apply it to your ends.
  • Check the ingredients list and avoid using silicone in your conditioner unless you shampoo as well.
  • Pick a conditioner without proteins (look for amino acids or hydrolysed proteins) on the list – as protein can contribute to an itchy scalp if you’re particularly sensitive.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly on your shampoo days.








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