Want a free subscription to your favorite magazine?

I couldn’t tell you the countless amount of magazines that used to come to my parent’s door or the amount of time I gave myself to read all of them!  Still, there’s a lot I’ve learned and valued in magazines. Most magazines offer reasonal annual rates with generous perks (like cute handbags with purchase, for instance) but you can still save some money while still indulging in your favorite source of leisure reads.

When I’ve graduated and was unemployed for a little while, my budget was very limited or nonexistent. I found my local library carried a lot of the most up to date (and even some really old issues) of some of my magazines ranging from Self, Vogue, Glamour to Runner’s World. A caveat is that you might not be able to take out the latest issue during that month but it’s a great chance to catch up or browse through an old issue which capture some amazing journalism you may have never got to see even if you were able to subscribe previously. And by the time you’re reading those old issues, you will be able to take out the latest issue. Within time, you could go through a year’s worth (or a subscription’s worth) of your favorite magazine – for free!


All you need is your library card or the will to apply one – and a library card is priceless.

What’s your favorite magazine?


3 thoughts on “Want a free subscription to your favorite magazine?

  1. The library is a great place for magazines. When I had a library card and was heavily into pop culture in my teens, I’d go there often for my fashion magazines (Seventeen, Sassy, Teen) and rock and metal magazines (Rolling Stone, Spin, Hit Parader, Metal Edge). I’m not much into magazines anymore and a few of my old favourites have closed down (Metal Edge, Sassy) and current favourites are difficult to get (Terrorizer and Metal Hammer).

    I still fondly remember the library’s collection and do sometimes go by to browse through Chatelaine and Consumer Reports.

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