Running Rambles

I’m starting to read a variety of purposeful runs that runners take into consideration – like tempo, hiit, recovery and hill repeats. There are more but as I go on more runs, I’m sure I’ll be learning more!  I composed a few of them that I found most useful right now in a weekly schedule this week, minus Monday where I was actually feeling kind of tired so I decided to rest and had a nice restorative sleep to prime myself for the week.

Last week, my average pace was a scary, dragging 11:47 pace per mile but that’s not from consistent runs which I need to do otherwise I’m going to be well, dragging in my next race.


(Bumping up Monday’s schedule) Tempo with core work and maaaaybe Zumba.


Recovery Run w/ Strength Training


Hill intervals (in neighborhood or on treadmill, oh so challenging!) with Zumba class


LSD (45 minutes of elliptical or stationary bike), Core work


Distance Run (tentative)

I can’t believe next weekend is already October! And that will unveil my new running schedule – and it’s going to be challenging!  What are about you – What do you like best about Autumn running? Are you planning to run a big (or small!) Autumn race – which one?


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