domestic qualms

Domestic qualms solved


Dear Domestic Diva,

Which is better to start first – dusting or vacuuming?


Achoo! (from all of the dust)

Dear Achoo,

It can be frustrating but there’s a technique to nearly every domestic qualm. How to solve yours: Vacuum before you dust. By vacuuming first, you’re releasing thousands of loose dirt particles the minute the motor runs and they all gotta go somewhere, right?  If you’ve just dusted, imagine how much more work will that be and who likes more work on top of the work they already do have?

While we’re on the topic of vacuuming, be sure to clean your vacuum filter after each use and dust your vacuum too.



Do you have a domestic qualm for the domestic diva? Leave a comment here for it to appear in her new weekly column.  A clean home is a peaceful home!


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