I’ve been busy – so busy to blog but I’ve still missed posting my weekly entries – which I do have a lot of them coming up for you!


Question for you:  What do you think of incentives and rewards for a challenging task?

I don’t mean rewarding ourselves for every chore or every menial task we need to do – the laundry, take out the garbage, use the treadmill for thirty minutes, vacuum the car because although we all need some “push” to get started, certain priorities like that should come naturally. I am not referring to entitlement. I’m referring to the tasks that we really want to do but find an otherwise other reason that sidetracks us and we just don’t – exercise, visit a relative, email relatives, email friends – like we initiantlly wanted to to begin with.

Doesn’t it feel bad of us to have to always reward ourselves?  It depends. There’s a difference between going out for gourmet pizza on pay day and starting to pay it forward by putting your goals in line. I’m referring to the latter. The hardest part is just starting and doing it.  A goal  from our usual routines is a separate entity of something we want but is still out of reach until we have the will to pursue it. The twenty-first century is reward-driven – use it to your advantage by allowing yourself to a treat just because not because you’re doing it, you did it but because you made the initiative to start listening to yourself… because once you start listening to yourself, you can find it easier to zone out of how demanding life can be.

I’m going to give my example as my running. Lately, I’ve started going on untimed runs which are more motivating and take the pressure off of a timed run. I make it a notion to slow down or stop running when I don’t feel comfortable or I’m not enjoying it anymore – which will inevitably make my next race more comfortable to run.. If I keep up my goal of untimed runs without pressure, I’m going to reward myself with a monthly membership to Spotify Premium. It’s a paid app but because I’ll be running consistently (and I can’t run w/o my beat), I see it as money well spent.

What about you? What’s the last time you’ve rewarded yourself for a challenging task? How do you feel about rewarding yourself for challenging tasks?


2 thoughts on “Musings.

  1. I noticed that you have been very busy, hopefully not overworked or stressed at work. Untimed runs are certainly a nice change from the opposite. People are able to relax and simply enjoy the exercise, rather than push themselves too fast and hard, which often leads to injuries. The accomplishments later on are also more fulfilling.

    • Just overwhelmed about finding time to pencil everything in – but I’ve been better.

      Running for pleasure instead of competition definitely deserves more exposure.

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