Style Buzz: Tie one on!


Recently, I’ve gained a compliment on my handbag. It isn’t new. It is not a designer bag. It is not purchased from a fancy department store. They liked the fact that I’ve tied and knotted my scarf, a silk pashmina-style wrap, onto one of the handles. I’ve got the idea from when Coach used to stylize a lot of their handbags (both older and newer styles) with ribbon sashes and bows. The end result is that it drove sales even if it was just a pink ribbon on an older handbag: either Coach fans need a new bag every season or they like “cute” additions.

Regardless, it worked and one little addition like that can trick eyes into thinking the handbag is new or deviates someone to note something different about it. You can do the very same thing for a lot less money. I did.   I dig “cute” too. So, I’ve decided to tie one of my scarfs (preferably one that matches in a pashmina or pashmina style) onto my handbag to give it the same adorable effect. It not only softened a previously leather or nylon conservative handbag but it’s efficent – when there’s a chill in the air, I can simply untie the scarf from my handbag and wear it to keep warm and when I don’t need it, I have a quaint place to store my scarf when I’m going to be indoors but I’m not at home for long periods of time. I have yet to see anyone wear their scarves for long periods of times indoors – unless you’ve lost heat or you’re Harry Potter maybe.

Interested? Here’s what you can do:

Just tie up and knot your favorite pashmina or pashmina-style wrap. You won’t have to pay $40 for a scarf – and even if you did, you’ll save money this time around. What if you just don’t have the right scarf? You don’t have to buy one but keep in mind that it wouldn’t be as efficent. It would still add a nice touch to soften a conservative handbag. All you have to do is go to your local Michael’s or any arts and crafts store or section of the department store and pick out a ribbon (or ribbons) for the lucky bag. Take color, pattern and texture into consideration as this will be an extension of your personality… yet if you just want to look cute for work, select a color that will math the bag. Buy the spool, snip and trim.


Now you’ll be all ready for Autumn – or scarf season!


One thought on “Style Buzz: Tie one on!

  1. Cute. I’ll have to try this with one of my basic handbags. I have a few scarves I don’t use often, and this would be a good way to show them off.

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