Glory Days

Glory Days: Humor.


A person cracks a joke. At often times, it can be well intentional but ill timed. Sometimes, sarcasm doesn’t always necessarily mean the world is full of unruly people. Most of us are instrustrious and hard working beings – especially when we’re concentrating on a project or focusing on what we enjoy to do. How would you feel if you were focusing hard at work on a project or what you enjoy to do – if only to be distracted by life?

A part of our success in life is not defined by how much work we take on or what we accomplish but how we handle distractions and diversions in the midst of our workload. I generally dislike being distracted from a project. I’m not a fast learner to begin with so when I can focus on a project, I’m now all in, but for someone or something to distract me suddenly, it annoys me but to ignore it would make it seem as if the world is centered around me and it’s not.

My best method to resolve distraction is with humor: crack a joke. I’m not referring to knock knock jokes or you don’t have to start frequenting comedy clubs. I’m simply referring to trying to see the humor in the situation and laugh a little. I was always someone that would laugh at anything that amused me but I’ve learned to appreciate humor from one of my geriatric clients that caught me focusing hard and lost in thought.

You have to crack a joke otherwise you would go out of your mind in the world today.”

Growing up, I’ve always appreciated people who had a sense of humor: The class clown, some teachers, some leaders, an old relationship to strangers I’ve shared an event with (watching a fireworks display together, waiting in line at the amusement park together). They weren’t just easygoing but their energy makes you feel comfortable. It’s so contagious that you can’t help but spread it around you wherever you are or wherever you go… and most of the time, well-intentioned humor ends up making the former situation easier to manage. You may take what you do in life seriously – but you cannot take life seriously.  So, laugh, share and live!



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