weekly musings.


What is it about textbooks that are so alluring?  Was it always the anticipation of the first chapter once you peeled off the translucent package or was it the anticipation of the incoming month that September always swept you with – like leaves on an upcoming windy Autumn day – since you were six?


I graduated from school a few years ago. Outside of continuing education, I haven’t attended a semester where I was given a class schedule and worrying if my instructor would let me buy an old version of required textbook for that class. I armed myself with a bagful of books where most of those books were textbooks: Biology, Mosby Medical Dictionary, Business Law, American History among two others. I found this treasure among many others at a used book sale this weekend to benefit the local libraries in Schuylkill County. I love browsing them and picking up old textbooks in general as reference material for my new office space or if I see an old textbook I’ve used in elementary or high school and I want to brush up on the material.


My new office space.

Books, Books, Books – Where is this all going, Vanessa? 🙂 😉


I’ve been on Cloud 9 all weekend. No, I haven’t nailed a better PR on a run although there will be plenty of running to talk about later. Hopefully. Ha. No, probably. I did not fall in love with anyone – although there were instances like this one that certainly felt like love. I may have a new job this Fall!  I’m going to be able to practice massage therapy for an upcoming salon and spa in Schuylkill County. Schuylkill County is my hometown roots and I’ve always wanted to give back via sharing my passions to the area. They were not initially looking for a new therapist until I approached them with the idea of hiring a massage therapist seeing as they were going the medi-spa route and it flowed well from there. I felt we were on page so I’m very optimistic about this opportunity.

This will take a lot of time and energy on my part but it’s important to nurture their mission statement so their vision can grow into a reality. A lot of things will be changing but it will be exciting to grow along with the business as it will also be exciting to share my experiences as this blog will have a bigger chance to grow too.


Stay optimistic, keep plugging.

It’s nice to have something  to put my heart and soul into now that I’m no longer a student in the traditional sense. New textbooks are only a part of the package but the joy of reading is lifelong as learning to be better and more cultivated civilians of humanity is a lifelong process. Because when September arrives, I’ll be running again – metaphorically and in a literal sense.


Weekly Workout Schedule

Wednesday: Strength Training 60 minutes, Tempo Run 3.1

Thursday: 60 minutes of Zumba, 60 minutes of yoga, LSD training 45 minutes

Friday: Core work 45 minutes, Distance Run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest


Weekly Motivational Quote For You

“The secret to success is to act like a duck: smooth and unruffled on top but paddling furiously underneath.”







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