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App of the Week: Save money on gas!


As gas prices are yet again on the rise in much of the U.S., what is crucial at this time?

A) Blame the oil companies!

B) Pick up an awesome bike or start a walking regimen

C) Learn how to conserve your gas

B and C are two cost-effective and efficient ways that everyone is getting around nowadays. It might be difficult to simply tell someone to “dump the pump” or cut down on driving as long commutes and increased work hours are common with many households. It’s also one app you’ll be thankful for on your next car trip. I know it’s hard especially for me who works 90% out of the office (Telling me I need a better job is true but not realistic with the present but thanks for your suggestion) but here a few cost-effective ways that I’ve found that have helped me feel some slight relief next time I have to “hump the pump.”

One of my favorite options has been the GasBuddy app. I remember my first experience with GasBuddy. I used it’s website before I had a smartphone to help my father out on a family day trip together. The purpose of GasBuddy is to find the cheapest gas station (there’s always one nearby) nearby from your current location whether you’re using the app via GPS or from the destination you’ve entered from the website on your home computer itself. It’s accessible from both.

Another option that I like about is that you can plan trips via GasBuddy. Just pinpoint your starting location and destination and GasBuddy will inform you how many gallons of gas you will use. Most people who can do the math in their head can probably formulate their gas budget from there but math was one of my weakest subjects and if that’s you too, GasBuddy takes it one step farther and tells you how much you need to budget for gas but also what type of gas you need. And of course, you can get directions here too. I’ve just discovered there’s a blog on the website that can be interesting to read to keep up with information about the price of oil across the nation and Canada.

A caveat is that gas station prices are often reported by fellow users of the website based on their last visit. The good news is that gas station prices are updated frequently from metropolitian regions to towns and villages. And even if the update on the site is not true to the station price, the second listing down isn’t too far away.

You can download the free app to your phone now for an automatic immediate listing of up to ten of the nearest gas stations close by to your current location. by other fellow users that check in to the site to report the current prices.


Available for U.S. and Canada residents

FREE for Android, iPhone and Blackberry users

More Fuel Saving Tips

Because you can’t always get  another job or a fuel-efficient car tomorrow, here’s how you can reduce your fuel consumption today:

  • Alter your driving habits. According to GasBuddy, many vehicles today are equipped with an optimal fuel economy of around 55mph. By avoiding high speeds, accelerating too quickly and breaking too abruptly at traffic lights, you can cut your fuel consumption down. Basically, don’t drive like a nut even if the President is in town.  Otherwise, you’ll actually be burning more gas than you have to.
  • Keeping the tires properly inflated can increase fuel consumption by 1%
  • Use cruise control on trips – Abrupt changes in speed can be a drag on your fuel consumption which is one reason why short trips with  traffic lights can be a drag on your fuel consumption.  Long trips where you can maintain a constant speed over time can aid the fuel consumption. Plus, you’ll be cruisin’!
  • Try not to ignore regular service maintenances otherwise you can risk a dirty air filter, old spark plugs or low fluid levels.
  • Does your  market have a gas perks discount card? A local market I go to has a gas perks card available. How it works is that you get a store discount credit for every $100 you spend at the market. With the rising cost of food, it coincides with getting a little more for your gallon at the pump and also a chance to fill up more!
  • Certain stations can be more expensive than others. Usually, gas pumps with a service station cost more while local markets and some department stores will sell cheaper gas as an incentive in order to get people in their stores so consumers can buy high margin items.
  • Carpool to work or get a bus pass
  • If you live closeby to work, think of it as an incentive to get a new bike or start a walking regimen but hopefully there’s an on-site shower at work!


Do you have any useful tips for saving gas which you can share with us? Comment below. 🙂



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