App of the Week: Enviroflash

Yep, there’s an app for pretty much everything. Self-control, much? If one is not careful, you can only be driving up expense and crowding things up in there in your precious slice of technology.

Photo Credit: Google

One of my most frequently checked apps in particular that I’m going to share with you this week is an app called AIRnow. AIRnow is available via the Enviroflash website which provides a daily forecast of the air quality.   It’s important to wear sunscreen but the air we breathe can affect ourhealth via  outdoor workouts, alfresco affairs or any outdoor activity we do.  Air quality  can change daily or even by the hour and can travel from as far as the opposite side of the world. The EPA and your local air quality agency has been working hard to provide public education and resources about outdoor air quality for their health and well-being.

Air quality conditions are updated in a daily (and sometimes) hourly color coded forecast for your area. The air quality index is calculated by four major air pollutants: ozone, particle pollution, carbon monoxide and sulfer dioxide levels. For each of these pollutants, the EPA has established national air quality standards similar to the color-coded forecast though to protect our public health.

Photo Credit: EPA

I particularly like this app for my personal and work use. I work alongside geriatric clients and helping them with their exercise regimens. Some of my clients have weakened immune systems but still look forward to their daily walking regimens but because of their supressed immune systems, checking AIRquality each morning is helpful for me to determine whether it will be an indoor workout today or an outdoor workout.

Talk about smooth planning!

More info: Enviroflash.  FREE for iPhone or Android users!


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