Fitness: Stretch for 6 minutes and burn 100 calories!

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I attended my first toning/strength training class after work this afternoon. It’s my fitness goal in August to add strength training to my workout routine. I’ve been told that I can pump through cardio like a maniac – but I don’t feel like a maniac. Most of the time, I’m just not in my element or even sorting out my thoughts inside of my head. I don’t even know how I can organize my thoughts inside my head during a run but that’s an update for a future post.

I certainly don’t run like a maniac because I picture a maniac runner to be someone that can do three miles or four miles flat – without thinking, drinking or squeezing in a quick kegel at 6.0 or above comfortably. I, on the other hand, want to slow down my pace and that’s okay but I know I won’t improve without a strong core or tighter assets which was concidentally the name of this evening’s class.

Class focused on free weights with familiar sets for the shoulders, chest and triceps. I started off with 5’s. There was core work and walking lunges with pulsing and “holds” (for lack of a better word right now) that were actually kind of fun. I like it and definitely added it to my schedule along with my core work class: A strong core is crucial for a few levels for doing massages, lifting heavy objects, maintaining posture, practicing yoga and you can probably bang out a few more reps when you do abwork.

This week’s workout schedule:


  • 45 minute strength training
  • 4.21 miles on treadmill (2 mile walk, 2.21 mile run)


  • 30 minute glutes and core work
  • 45 minute cross train
  • Yoga


  • 30 minute strength training
  • HIIT training
  • Yoga


  • Going to be tough because I have a potluck group around the same time as classes so I’ll be cutting it close… but I might be able to squeeze in yoga class.


  • 45 minute glutes and abs
  • Distance run
  • Yoga

Having a few stretch techniques inside your head to do post-workout is crucial too. As I was on the treadmill, I was paging through an old issue of SELF magazine that featured an article on how we can be torching 100 calories on various workouts and we might not even know it!  Some of the workouts were intense like mountain climbing to moderate activity such as an aerobics class but then physical activity or daily chores can count too.  As a massage therapist, I wasn’t too surprised to learn that stretching can burn calories but it can be an eyebrow raise as it may not seem like a calorie torcher, at first.

How exactly does stretching burn 100 calories?

You’re at the gym long enough – and now you have to stretch and how long? Start with six minutes and you’ll already burn 100 calories. Stretching improves posture and increases perstalis which keeps your digestive system circulating smoothly. Just a few stretches is all it takes before six minutes will be gone before you know it!

Okay, so we’ve all had those days where the farthest your arm could reach was for the remote control to switch to your favorite evening shows but keep in mind that stretching should not be a sole calorie torcher.

Source: SELF magazine

What workout or daily activity of yours were you surprised to learn is a calorie torcher? What’s your weekly workout regimen look like for this week? Runners, share your projected mileage for this week.


4 thoughts on “Fitness: Stretch for 6 minutes and burn 100 calories!

  1. Congratulations on reaching another fitness goal! Soon your body will be strong enough to continue longer distance marathons, if you want. 🙂

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