A new mission statement for this blog. :)

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Guess who’s back – back again – she is back tell a friend!

I am not fond of taking breaks between writing because I like how writing keeps me accountable. However, it was hard to maintain accountability when I wasn’t sure what Project Zen’s direction – and I think my readers or anyone who stumbled upon this humble blog will have to agree with me.

I still want to write though.  I started my first bout of writing in journals and I always liked guaging my growth and development through a timeline but I enjoyed helping others too which is why a blog appealed to me. It’s hard to find a vision for your blog. It’s like getting into a new workout regimen or becoming a runner. Running is a challenge. Finding a niche as a massage therapist is challenging. Deciding between two cute pairs of shoes when you can only afford one…is a.. well, you get the idea if you’re another girl. Anything worthwhile in life is challenging and takes time but once you find it, hold onto it… especially if you know in your gut you know it’s right.

As for writing is concerned, I always thought the best writing and blogs stemmed from interesting life experience or creative ideas that hasn’t happened yet. I always loved organization. My day always seemed to go smoothly and life almost felt easier even though life can seem far from easy sometimes. On a few levels, I’m probably not the best person to speak on how to make life easy but I did pick up some helpful organization tips along the way of just living life and all of a sudden I was like, hey why not write about a cool new idea like this and just let it flow? I could still be Project Zen as organization is zen.  People are always interested in stress reduction techniques and learning to make their lives easier and stress-free.  I could gain more readers.

I also want to make my blog a little more personal. I want to share with you my background, what I learn from being a geriatric caregiver and some of my common interests with you. I hope this new look intrigues you as much as it intrigues and excites me (I even have appointments marked on my calender for when I plan to put up blog posts!) and I look forward to seeing some of my old readers and meeting some new ones in future posts.


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