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monthly motivation for august.

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It’s not uncommon to feel hot and cold about August. While the humidity may make it feel like summer is still in it’s prime, our minds are everywhere else. Most of us are preparing to go back to school or just coming back from vacation. It is not until during these last few weeks of summer when the night is still young and the cicadas are out that it kicks in: Summer is nearly over. What have you done over summer vacation?

I guess it’s easy to hold such high expectations of summer ever since we were schoolchildren and had all of that free time in three months to really express ourselves or watch countless hours of Nickelodeon – that when we step back and reflect on how much or how little we’d accomplished in those carefree summer days, we begin to wonder if it’s not enough or gee, how time flew.   This cycle can follow us from our Nickelodeon days all the way up to our current years.

Instead, try to reflect on and hold yourself accountable for what you’ve learned instead of everything you did (or didn’t do) this summer. We may count our experiences in life but if we learn from and utilize our lessons learned to our advantage, this can help us reap some of the greatest experiences out of life. And there’s no perfect time than during these last few balmy weeks while nursing a lemonade or a cup of herbal tea while listening to the music of the night to help you do that.


What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned over summer 2012? Please share and let’s reflect in the comments below.



One thought on “monthly motivation for august.

  1. Definitely great advice about reflection on our decisions and having accountability. Not a day passes where each choice I have made and the ramifictions do not run through my mind. I try to utilize those experiences to mold me and try to be better, not only for personal growth and success, but for everyone in my life, along with those who still could come into it, including you. 🙂

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