race report: Ta Ta Trot 5k, Sunbury, PA

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“You’re doing a good job! Keep it up!” she chirped at me as she raced by by with a sinewy frame that makes me think she’s been in several races and may have raced this course before. This is my first summer race and I even feared how I would perform especially in those balmy summer days. I kept a good pace tight but then a creeping thought entered the back of my mind: Why did she single me out?  Was I starting to look tired or something?  Taking it with a grain of salt, I smiled as I felt I was doing a good job as we all crossed the two mile mark.

One more mile to go… with a hill. A “slight incline” of a hill.  But really.. that slight incline was moreso the perfect grade where nine year olds Tommy and Bobby went sledding on in the Winter.

Going downhill is always easier on both accounts. I slowed down and contemplated adding more hills with slight inclines to some of my home courses. It was because of this where I feared clocking in at a slower time but I kept moving and there was water at the bottom.  The course itself was mostly on the back roads. I kind of still wish Sunbury’s Ta Ta Trot was still held at the marina. Oh, how I would love to run that scenic course.

When the finish line was in sight, I picked up my usual pace. There’s something about seeing the finish line that instantly motivated me even if it still felt so far away. It’s like running on the ‘mill when I’m at 2:90, I swear the last 9 minutes seriously must take their sweetest time and I suddenly feel very concerned, why?

But the hints along the way were motivation enough.

A runner that finished earlier was walking along the sidelines with a banana.  Yay, food!

I saw the massage therapist’s tent from the road giving free chair massages. Even better!

 And the best sight:

 The clock striked 29:21 (9:26m pace) as I crossed the finish line. This will probably still disappoint many veteran runners but for me, I got out of my plateau! My fastest time yet to finish a 3.1 on terrain. For the longest while, I could never seem to finish a 3.1 in under thirty minutes so that was my goal PR, we’ll say. I’m not sure if it was the change of course or terrain or if I was just so excited for this morning but I’m quite pleased with myself. Running takes a lot but it never gives more than you give which kind of works on a few levels in life. Now to get faster, stronger and better prepared for those hills next time…. next time. My powerhouse muscles are still a little sore from working OT!

Some key points from this run:

  • This breast cancer awareness run lovingly dubbed the “Ta Ta Trot” was held on July 14, 2012. Over 1,000 participants from Central Pennsylvania came out to help fund the PA Breast Cancer Coalition via public and private funding to  promote awareness, research and treatment. 42K was raised in our area alone that morning!
  • Pat Halpin-Murphy is the founder of the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.
  • Free chair massages post-race – the proper way to relax after a 5k! 🙂
  • First race where my mother was cheering me on!

The race was held in Sunbury, a historic city founded in 1772 and is the county seat of Northumberland County. The name stems from a village with the same name near London. It’s a charming city with a whimsical downtown district of small businesses, the oldest Weis market still operating in existence and a nod to Thomas Edison. Edison installed the first electric lighting system in July of 1883 at what was then known as the City Hotel. The City Hotel was re-named to the Edison Hotel in 1922 during the celebration of Sunbury’s 100th anniversary.

Anywho, Sunbury is considered the largest area next to nearby Lewisburg and Selinsgrove. It’s located on along the Susquehanna River which makes it a popular destination for water sports and fitness activities as many of it’s locals and visitors enjoy frequenting the marina at Shikelhemmy State Park.

I used to enjoy being taken to the marina on car trips with my parents when we went on picnics and boating together. Something that always caught my intrigue was a restaurant that sat on the marina or what used to be a restaurant ages ago. It struck me as an appeal of a fine dining restaurant by the water which would lend an air of sosphistication to it but now it’s just a vacant building. Would anyone who comes across this blog know the brief story behind that? I’d love to know.

Other interesting facts for breast cancer awareness:

My choice of carbs pre and post race! So good I had to have it twice – and you can too if you stay tuned for the recipe next week.

Have you run a ta ta trot before? What races are on your agenda this summer? Was it a tough to transition to summer running for you? How do you get out and run in the summer?


2 thoughts on “race report: Ta Ta Trot 5k, Sunbury, PA

  1. You still did a great job and should feel very proud, especially since it was for a wonderful cause. You can always participate in future races and with constant practice, will improve. 🙂

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