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race report: Dash for Dave “quickie but awesome” fun run.

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the spew:  Dash for Dave is a 1k one mile downhill run making it ideal to run for fun or great for first timer  road racers like me. It’s for a good cause as a tribute to a man whom was proactive about giving back to his community and hopefully that’s the same for the present generation.  Dr. Dave Zanis founded Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. to restore the health and vitality for the Pottsville area. It was through Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. where the David Zanis Fatherfund was created to help Schuylkill County fathers and children.  All proceeds from the race will be donated towards the Clinical Outcomes Group Inc. and the Pottsville Rotary club.

Who can be possibly up this early on a Saturday? We are!

I went to bed last night thinking of this morning’s race instead of reasons why I shouldn’t run or how comfortable I’d be sleeping in – but after this morning, I realized how silly that makes me feel. I actually woke up late this morning making me miss my intended yoga class and catching a decent breakfast aside from a banana I had in the car and my bottled water. However, it’s only a mile and I rocked it before on an empty stomach and can probably rock it now on a near empty one… haaaa. For now.

“Are you a runner or a walker?” beamed the teenage girl behind me a I walked over to the registration tent. “Runner,” I say with a hopefully small smile. Or at least I hope it was a small smile. I forget. It was still too early!  But I felt confident and ready. I did not pre-register as I registered on arrival but I was still able to nab a  t-shirt and my first bib number.   I was always wondering what kind of bib number I would get or how exactly bibs are organized – 111 was my number which I received a compliment on. I made a quick joke about 11:11 which now in retrospect, even though I had them chuckling it doesn’t really make much sense but hey, it was still early, right? Right?

My first bib number! (Going to start collecting these for memory)

highlights: Dash for Dave was a short but sweet 1k fun and run throughout Market street that poured into Garfield Square. Walkers progressed towards the right of Market while runners took to the left. There were more than over a 100 racers and I’m grateful I started somewhere in the middle. Being a little overeager about starting in the front could led to intimidation and being last would have called for extra legwork.  Ran my average pace – with two minutes shaved off because it was a downhill run. Came in at 7:16, one minute shy of the second place finish and medal for the female category. Talk about being so close and so far?

lowlights:  The forecast called for showers but luckily the rain held up during the race, not so much before and after making it for wet conditions. Even though I had a good start, I felt nervous trekking down the wet road but I just paced myself and enjoyed the ride. Carried no expectations other than the fact I just wanted to finish and didn’t want to come in next to last or last (didn’t happen! Any other runners have that fear?)   Learning that the only way to improve my running is to be a consistent runner even when I don’t feel like it. Ached in muscles that I rarely used afterwards which is rare for only a one mile run unless it was just a weather?

No transportation from the finish line so if you parked at the registration tent (like I did), you had to footmobile it back up Market…in the rain. Headache later that afternoon but that’s partial thanks to not eating a sustainable breakfast!

clocked in at: 7:16 for the mile. Gave my name to the timekeeper at the finish line that told me “good job!” and went over to the refreshment table where there was fresh fruit generously donated by Bill’s Produce with water and Powerade.

Post race fuel:  A portobello and saurkraut grilled sandwich with a garden salad over balsamic vinaigrette, pickles and fresh fruit. Yes, it’s also vegan.  Would post the chocolate cupcake I had afterwards but I’m not an x-ray technician and I can’t take a picture of my stomach right now! 

What I learned from this morning’s race: 

  • Just do it!  I think I’ve always wanted to complete any road race, in the end but I was scared to compete. I was never highly competitive or athletic in high school until my recent enjoyment and zen for running. I only saw it as a past time and was scared to learn what would happen on race day or I’d had this fear with coming in last.  I didn’t know what to expect until I tried – so I must keep trying.
  • In order to be a better, faster and stronger runner – I must be a consistent runner.
  • Running races helps this massage therapist to be more helpful to you. It’s helpful being on the other side of the coin (of say, volunteering to conduct chair massages at charity races) because it helps me to become more familiar with the muscles runners use and what key muscles to treat.
  • There were some people that came out to watch on the sidelines. Be sure to acknowledge and briefly smile /nod/wave at them as I pass by instead of just zoom past! It could be my friends in the sidelines next. Or my parents.

At the end of the race, As we stood around waiting for the finish, I helped myself to fruit while I overheard two fresh-faced girls come down after their runs whom laughed when they said, “I could totally go for one more mile!

Despite how achy I felt later that night, I could too. 🙂

Do you remember your first race? What was your fear on your first race days (and did they ever come true? hope not!)? Do you collect bib numbers?  Have you ever received a free chair massage after you finished a race?  


2 thoughts on “race report: Dash for Dave “quickie but awesome” fun run.

  1. awesome running! I remember my first race after rediscovering running in my 20’s. I only had some performance anxiety i wanted to do well – whatever that means. I do collect some bibs but not many anymore. no I haven’t had a massage after a race but it would be very welcome

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