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First speaking engagement!

What have I been up to lately?

Hello, blog. It’s been a little while but then again I’ve been quite busy between work and making sure my first speaking engagement turns out to be a success and it did. As some of you past readers know, one of my goals this year is to launch my mobile massage business.  Last week, I have been invited to the Orwigsburg library to speak out about that where I also discussed some of the fundamentals and benefits of massage therapy in a short but informative Powerpoint presentation.  I say it went well and I’d like to thank some friends of mine for taking pictures.

There I am!  Thanks to Claudia at the library for helping with advertising!

A dream. An idea. And now on my business card!

I wasn’t sure why I didn’t think of the idea sooner. I partially blame fear and a lack of knowledge. Ever since I graduated, I was armed with the knowledge that I acquired from my training at school. And even though I had an internship to boot, I felt like I had a lot to learn in the real world yet.  And I did. It’s taken me on detours spiraling down a path as the economy has only continued to crumble or stagnate. I learned that my best option is to be creative and innovative.

That’s where the idea of launching a mobile massage business for businesses came into play. I discussed facts and information in my presentation on how chair massage boosts employee productivity and the downfalls of what happens when employees are taken care of.  Happy, healthy businesses boosts happy, healthy employees.  Employees are motivated to work harder and produce more and employers can save money on sick days. I will be posting more tidbits on this information (like research and statistics) in future blog entries so please stay tuned!

If there’s any information that you’d like me to share on chair massage, please leave a comment and I’ll consider it in a future blog entry!

Demonstrating chair massage. : – )

 Soon, it will be time to add another page to my blog which will list my rates and booking info where I can be contacted to go out to your business.  I do not just answer to businesses but I can also take some outcalls in your home depending on your needs. Convenient, affordable and portable – have chair, will travel to you!


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