Couch to 5K Plan / Goals

Last 3.1 of Couch to 5k!


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Yesterday marked Day 3 on Week 9 of the Week 9 program that is Couch to 5k. Couch to 5k is the popular running program that is circulating around the internet that everyone from novice runners to enthusiasts are jumping on. Again I’d like to thank Christine @ These Happy Miles for introducing me to the program! The program spans nine weeks and while some weeks felt easier than others (especially in the beginning), other weeks made the transition to running hard and makes one realize how much of a sport running is – as well as the transformation to become a runner.  Now the fun begins.

I will say that my last day of the program felt like one of my most challenging days in the program. Was it just because it was the last day or because the last few weeks have instructed that I’d sacrifice my comfort of walking and run the full 3.1? I read an inspiring story in a magazine about how a woman enjoys working out because she likes how exercise makes her strong and able to handle herself in any situation. I kept pushing.  As sweat began to drip into my eyebrows, I glanced up at the television on the wall that was airing the Syracuse vs. UConn basketball game. I normally am not a fan of basketball nor is this my alumna but I used my might to channel the cheers from the audience and imagined that’s what the crowd would sound like during a road race. I kept pushing. 2.60 on the treadmill clock. I felt like gritting my teeth before I tried to hide it with the magazine.  I still kept pushing until I threw my hands up in the air when the ‘mill clocked 3.1 in 30.51 minutes…

I will say that I’ve logged much of my training on the treadmill which is obviously different from being on terrain. After a few rest days, I’d ideally like to run three times a week again with either cross training on non-running days if not just rest days until my first race in the Spring. In retrospect, I’m glad I paced myself and am taking my time until I gain an overall comfort with my body and the road.

As a treat, I stopped by this cool new juice stand called Enerjuice while shopping for a birthday present for a friend in the mall later. I had a Power Zone smoothie which is a delicious antioxident POWERHOUSE of spinach, beets, orange, strawberries, wheatgrass and pineapple. It’s  probably nothing amazing that you can’t whip up with a Vitamix but it’s nice to see something healthy and energizing to quench my thirst in the mall aside from run of the mill food court food.

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I also noticed that my local Lady Foot Locker is starting to stock the Nike attitude shirts like this one. Regardless if Pennsylvania is just late to jump on this bandwagon, I kind of really want one (or four..) but at $22 a shirt, I am still not sure. Sale, anyone?

Have you done the Couch to 5k program? Are you doing the Couch to 5k program now? How soon did you feel ready to race? Have you ever tried an Enerjuice or do you have a Vitamix (lucky you!)? 


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